For anyone who has the slightest bit of liking for the famous cartoon Pokemon, the release of the game Pokemon Go was definitely a gift from the heavens. Pokemon Go was a game developed for android and iOS users. It has become incredibly popular since its release. The app allows its players to search for Pokemon in their neighbourhood, while walking to certain areas. The Bluestacks Pokemon Go app sends a notification to their players when there is a Pokemon nearby. The players must throw their Pokeballs and try to catch these little monsters. They must be very careful while doing so, as Pokemon have a habit of escaping if players are not careful.

The game is based on a players location services. A virtual map is created on the players phone, where he can search for nearby Pokemons or gyms. Players must join one out of three teams and fight battles, trying to gain ownership of gyms.

Players can even hatch eggs and evolve their own Pokemon. To hatch eggs, they must walk a certain amount of distance. Many critics argue that this game has caused a revolution as it actually forces people to go out of their houses and get some physical exercise, unlike other video games

If you want to download and start playing Pokemon Go, simply follow these easy steps to download the game.

How to download Pokemon Go for Android devices:

  1. Visit your settings option on your mobile device
  2. Switch on the toggle button for allowing unknown sources
  3. Since Pokemon Go is a non market app, this option must be switched on before downloading
  4. Visit your web browser on your mobile device and search for download of Pokemon Go APK file
  5. Click on the download button for installing the Pokemon Go APK file on your mobile device
  6. Once it has installed, you have to launch the Pokemon Go file and you are now ready to play Pokemon Go on your mobile phone!

How to download Pokemon Go for your iOS device:

  1. Pokemon Go is available only for a handful of countries. If it is available for your country, then you can simply log in to your App Store and download Pokemon Go on to your mobile device.
  2. However, if Pokemon Go is not available for your country, you must first log out of your Apply ID,
  3. To do this, go to your settings, tap on Apple ID and select it to log out from your Apple ID
  4. Now go back to your settings option and select General.
  5. Click on Language and Region
  6. Select a region like US, Australia or New Zealand from these regions, as Pokemon Go is available in these regions.
  7. Now, open up your App Store again and search or Pokemon Go
  8. Click on Create New Apple ID
  9. Create a whole new Apple ID with different information
  10. When you have reached the billing section, click on None
  11. Put in an address of New Zealand, US or Australia. You can use google to find out an appropriate address
  12. You can now easily download Pokemon Go on your iOS phone or iPad.

Pokemon Go has become a revolution in online gaming. Bluestacks 2 Download Players can join teams, compete against each other using Pokemon and join gyms. Walking around your neighbor hood has never been more exciting than with the Pokemon Go app!

You can easily download this app on your devices using the steps mentioned above. Catch Pokemon, Hatch Eggs and Evolve your very own little monsters right on your mobile phone! Enjoy playing Pokemon Go!