The world sees you as plus size but I see your size as a plus.

I see the size of your heart.

I see the size of your effort that you put forth to make me a better man.

I see the size of your spirit.

I see a larger prayer circle.

I see more of an investment.

You’re worried about your weight and I can’t wait to love you more than the size you see.

If you feel that you aren’t healthy, let’s love ourselves into shape.

I will support your efforts to get that old thing back.

I will support where you are right now because I love the pluses.

You don’t compare yourself to what society deems as the perfect size and you fit into my heart.

You’re confidently wearing life, loving “live”, and living on purpose.

You are not worried about perception and you’re accepting me into your arms.

I love to love you.  All of you.  You have exactly what I need and your smile is “bigger than.”

Your embrace makes the world feel safe.

Your “extra” is missing letters to complete the word I see you as.


Your touch and attention to making me happy allows space for my heart to be fulfilled.

Your size is a plus because you continue to give me more.

I’m happy that you are happy.

I am happy as long as you allow me to love your confidence in you.

I am in love with the pluses your size brings into my heart.

My heart has been empty and needs a bigger than average size love.

Will you let me love you?

Your smile and confidence in you allows me to love you the way you deserve.

Let me love you through the thickness of a relationship.

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