Why do I think I can demand her patience?

Why do I think I can keep her in the Friend Zone knowing she wants more?

Why do I think she’s going to wait for me when I know there are others waiting for her?

Why am I emotionally posturing?

Why do I expect perfection while my mirror is held together by Elmer’s glue?

Why would I want her to come over and create love’s image on a dry erase board, only to fade as she leaves?

Why did I want to love her only on my terms?

Why do I miss her but dismiss her feelings?

Why are we unable to love legally blindly?


Who are you to demand my readiness just because you are?

Why are you not willing to develop a friendship first?

Why do you keep rushing me and comparing me to the others who are vying for you?

Why are you forcing me to be so emotionally vulnerable?

Why are you ignoring my imperfect confessions that reveal why I want to lay a foundation for us to build on?

Why do you want to come over and not stay? Why leave me? I see the hesitation and blame for what happened to you.

Why do you want me to love you only on your terms?

Why aren’t you allowing yourself to miss me?

Why are we unable to love without hurt?


We are hurt people, wanting to be loved by what hurt us.

We are two people who run from anything that reminds us of our scars.

We are two people who are tired of trying, so we give up after one strike.

We both want each other but are so worried that we may just want what we are missing.

We are both afraid of love’s shadow because it’s sometimes scary. All we have to do is turn on the light.

We are both stuck to our timelines – going in opposite directions, trying to reach other at the same time.

Neither wants to go full circle to come back to each other.

Or do we?

We gave up on each other instead of giving in to each other.

Who do we think we are?

We are what we need…

(Image credit: hellobeautiful.com)