I want to be honest.

I can’t wait until we say “I do”.

I feel bottled up inside and I am ready to release everything I was designed to do.

Designed to please you.

Designed to protect you.

Designed to make sure you are satisfied.

Designed to make sure you are always okay and when you aren’t, I am designed to put in that work to bring you to a better place.

I get in moods that I know are made for a marriage.

I misused them in the past and left myself less than, others greater than, and “us” struggling to find equality.

Those moods are for show but can be somewhat described as:

A mood to look at you and tell you I love you through my eyes.

Tell you I miss you through my lips.

Tell you I want you by a deep breath.

Tell you I will protect you by my hug.

My smile will be your sigh of relief.

My holding of your hand is me guiding you.

Not feeling guilty about possibly holding the wrong hand.

Not feeling guilty for mishandling your trust.

Not feeling guilty… because the connection of our mind, body, and soul will remain forever.

Not feeling guilty about staring at you while you dress.

Not feeling guilty for touching you inappropriately because you are mine and I am yours.

Not feeling guilty for kissing you with enough passion to make you forget all of the bad times.

Not feeling guilty for giving you my heart to hold, my mind to influence, and my soul to to pray for genuinely.

I say genuinely because some pray for you with contingencies.

They will tell you they want you to succeed and do things behind your back that will cause you to bleed.

I want to pray for each other.

Not pray for each other to meet each other’s wants.

But pray for each other’s well-being, trusting that will include us in each other’s happiness.

I don’t want the guilt of performing marital duties during single living.

I don’t want the guilt of disappointing someone because we don’t meet each other’s love.

I don’t want the guilt of sharing my words with someone I am not married to…

Dear Future Wife, our marriage will not be “blah”…

Touching you without guilt.

Loving you without guilt.

(Image of credit: NicTayphotography)