In honor of Women:

I can’t imagine a day without this!
She is a pretty girl with an available heart.
She is a beautiful woman with a protective shell available to be loved and love uncomparably.
She is an astonishing lady that smiles in a way that calms a storm.
She is an amazing chick who is down with you for the rest of your life.
She is a teacher that has learned to love you despite not getting enough.
She is a mother that carried, birthed, held, nurtured, and watched you with unconditional love.
She is a doctor that healed you from all the hurt you have experienced.
She is an attorney that stood beside you in court and fought for your rights.
She is a banker that held you up financially and counted your blessings when you took them for granted.
She is an engineer that fixed the failure.
She is a stylist that put your life’s outfit together.
She is a first lady that put herself second in order for you to stand firm.
She is an athlete that mastered the game of life.
She is a Queen that ran your Kingdom and let you have the glory.
She is a business owner that surpassed all expectations.
She is Social Worker that put her own work behind others.
She is a singer whose melody settled all unrest.
She is an administrative assistant that kept things in order so that you could operate without worry.
She is a cop protecting you from the crimes of life.
She is a therapist counseling you through your ups and downs.
She is a homemaker and that’s the reason the house is still standing.
She is a mechanic that makes sure you’re operating on all cylinders.
She is a chef that feeds you internally.
She is a sister that listened, prepared, and shared.
She is that cousin that is less than a phone call away.
She runs the world without needing to be acknowledged as the ruler.
She is a Minister that prayed for you and those prayers are why you exist in God’s graces.
She is woman! She is love. She is life. She is WOMAN! We honor you!
I can’t imagine a second without you!
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