Be patient! Wait and allow your heart and mind to agree on the common denominator.  Once that connection is established, release your ability to commit to do what it takes to make it work.

You have to become compatible internally.

Being in Love alone isn’t going to sustain itself or the relationship. You can love a person from a distance. You can be in love today and fall out of love tomorrow.

Love is a choice. A choice proved by your actions. Love is a commitment.

Attraction/arousal are not controlled. They can lead to love.  Acting in love when you don’t feel it is real love.  Love creates emotions. Love is a behavior. Love is sometimes undeserving.

Sometimes love is unnoticed.

The words I LOVE YOU have to be aligned with your efforts actions and results regardless of response of the person you express it to.

There is a difference between emotion and devotion. The internal compatibility within yourself allows you to fully see if you can have a permanent compatibility with someone else.

Your heart may say yes but your mind may red flags. Wave that white flag when the red flags are too much.

Be patient.


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