Bashea Williams is an experienced public speaker.  He has spoken domestically and internationally on a variety of topics.  He is highly recruited to speak in an individual and/or panel setting.  He has spoken alongside and for popular bloggers, public speakers, and mental health professionals covering topics including but not limited to dating, courting, marriage, motivation, parenting, family, relationships, fatherhood, education, spirituality and all things mental health.
Bashea has spoken at the Georgetown Institutes Mental Health Conference where he discussed and educated other mental health professionals on wraparound services working with adjudicated youth.  He held a workshop at a college teaching on Single Parent Dating.  He spoke on several male-led individual and group panels that include the Heart, Mind, and Soul of Man at the annual Black Therapist Rock Mental Health Conference in Washington D.C., Broken Beauty Women’s Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Love Jones Cafe in Washington D.C. and a variety of private events in California, Maryland, Mexico, New York, Virginia and virtually. He speaks at least once a week on a variety of topics.  He also spoke on several co-ed panels giving a real perspective to dating and relationships.