1. Write everyday (even when you have writer’s block, write anyway!)
  • There will come a time (or many times) when your brain will give you nothing, and you convince yourself that you will write the next day. But then the next day turns into the next week and the next week turns into the next month. Even if you go back and change everything you’ve written the day before, that’s okay… continue to write!


  1. Hire the best editors you can afford.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask editors questions, especially when you are dishing out hundreds if not thousands of dollars to them. Vetting and doing research into their skill and professionalism will save you a lot of time, money and headaches.


  1. Read, read, read… (Yes you must find time to read too).
  • It’s not necessary to read 300-500 page novels (you certainly can if you like). Short stories and short novels work too. In particular, you should read the genre you intend to write.  Trust me, it helps a lot.


  1. Learn the craft of fiction writing (e.g. purchase books, borrow books, read online articles, attend conferences, take classes, etc).
  • When I completed my first draft of LEGAL ENTERPRISE, of course I thought I had a best seller on my hands. However, after submission for critique to an editor, I quickly and not so nicely learned that I had NO IDEA how to write fiction.


  1. Last but not least….DO NOT GIVE UP!
  • It will be tempting to throw your hands up and say forget it! I shelved my project for over 6 months. Thus, I circle back to TIP #1 despite all the distractions, naysayers (including you) CONTINUE TO WRITE!

Based on my experience these five tips are the most crucial to follow if you are a new fiction writer.  If you’re interested to learn more about my experiences or want to talk about yours, please feel free to contact me at facebook.com/daydreamerspublishing and/or on Instagram at daydreamerspublishing2016.

Legal Enterprise, is available for purchase at www.createspace.com/6590494