Dear Future Wife®

What does submission mean to you?

What does it mean to me?

Will you consider submitting to me?

Will you submit to me?

Will you allow me to lead you?

Will you trust you in my hands?

Before you say no, let me explain.

I plan to submit to you.

I plan to listen and value you.

I plan to learn you with my mind, body, heart, and soul.

I plan to let God guide me in the ways that you deserve.

I believe submission is trusting me.

I understand what you have been through and what you have seen.

But!!!!  I am not what you have been through nor what you have seen!!!

I have done the work to get me in the door of consideration.

I have learned to love myself.

I have learned what it takes to love, listen, and lead.

Lead by example.

I have a plan!

My plan takes you into consideration every step of the way.

I plan to value you and submit to you as well.

I come to lead; not rule.

I come to listen, take heed, take your advice, practice my word, choose your choice, humble myself, and honor your entire being.

You are worth what you are designed to be.

I want what seems to be outdated.

I want and will work to obtain what seems to be a fairytale.

I want to be able to disagree but still value each other.

When you submit to me, it does not take away from who you are.

When you submit to me, it does not take away your accomplishments.

When you submit to me, it highlights the work you have done and the value you have put in how much I mean to you.

I love the fact that you made me earn your submission.

I respect the work you made me do.

I respect the fact that you noticed I worked on me before I could lead you.

I respect your patience that came from a healthy place.

I respect that you understood that the competition didn’t exist between us.

We leave our egos at the door.

We leave our egos at hello.

We hold hands to secure our bond and not to control or make sure we know where the other person is.

I understood that it was scary to be vulnerable.

I understand what you are feeling and want you to know that if I let you down, I let myself down.

Let’s submit to each other.

Here is my control; can I have yours?

Bryson Tiller sings it best, “Give me all of you in exchange for me”.

Submission can be defined many ways and I choose to believe it’s acceptance and consent.

I accept you and consent to you.

As I am down on one knee, will you accept me and consent to me?

Together, we plan to equal.

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